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Check Out This Clever Wine Packaging For a Seafood Restaurant

by Natalie Mouradian on 06/13/2018 | 3 Minute Read

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Backbone Branding designed this beautiful and clever wine packaging for Fish Club, a seafood restaurant.

“The team was in charge of creating the brand identity and concept of a seafood specialized restaurant. Afterward, we were asked to design a unique packaging for the restaurant’s house-wine, which would be used as a perfect gift that will spark the brand name in the market and be served on special occasions with private label.”

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“The branding and concept were designed for exceptional fish lovers, who appreciate the real taste of wine and true hospitality in an inspiring atmosphere. The core design element is fish scale, a simple, yet bold thought as this is a common element in all fishes regardless of their type, size, and shape.”

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“The packaging features stylized depictions of a fish silhouette with beautiful scale patterns. Three types of wines were selected (red, rose and white) and matched carefully with unique fish types. A special technique was used for printing on mirror metallic papers, which are hand-wrapped on the bottle and twisted gently. This is done just enough on the bottles to show the type of wines inside.

The idea of this exceptional packaging is to show the passion and deep dialogue of drinking wine with fish.”

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Designed By: Backbone BrandingBrand Strategy Director: Stepan Avanesyan Creative Director: Stepan Azaryan Art Director: Christina Khlushyan Designer: Eliza MalkhasyanLocation: Yerevan, Armenia