The Dieline Awards 2018 - Fresh Food: SAS Cube

by Natalie Mouradian on 04/30/2018 | 3 Minute Read

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The cube is the brand-new buy-on-board concept from SAS Scandinavian Airlines. Designed & conceptualized by Designit, developed & produced by deSter, the cube is the result of a unique partnership that offers a simple yet premium and truly Nordic meal experience.

The inspiration of the cube comes from Scandinavian heritage and nature, with illustrations inspired by Scandinavian scenery. The exterior of the Cube is a soothing white, with calming graphic illustrations that reflect the Norwegian mountains, the Danish coast and the Swedish forests. When the Cube is opened, the theme continues, giving a dynamic feeling to SAS’ Scandinavian heritage. When you lift the lid, the Scandinavian theme continues to unfold. Self-contained layers are revealed: the first thing you see is menu card, then the cutlery, which is embedded in the lid, then the condiments. All of the packaging has a fresh design celebrating Scandinavian heritage and design.

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The cube boasts a symbiotic combination of plastic and cardboard parts to deliver a superior and compact meal service solution without compromising on the full meal experience. Nine intricately designed components fit perfectly together. A cardboard bottom is filled by a lightweight PP container locked in place by the special design of the cardboard base. A recycled PET lid closes the container but can also contains add-ons like croutons and dressing to enrich a meal. A cardboard lid, that hides a small container holding lightweight PP cutlery, is fully machine erectable to ensure easy handling by the caterer.

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The new design is truly unique to the industry and inspired by the takeaway culture. Opening it is a bit like unboxing a brand-new mobile phone or a box of premium chocolates. Its ergonomic design allows for very easy handling and leaves ample room for passengers to continue to work, read or watch a movie during a flight. The separately packed condiments give the passenger the freedom to even customize their meal.

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The cube feels like a small gift. It can be held in the hand like a takeout container, leaving the tray free. When the meal is finished, the cube can be reassembled so it takes up minimal space and travelers are free to use their tables.

The environmental impact of the cube was optimized by the use of post-consumer recycled and lightweight plastics whilst the use of FSC certified cardboard contributes to sustainable forestry.

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Agency: deSter BVBAClient: Scandinavian AirlinesLocation: Belgium 


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