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The 5 Best Pieces of April Fool's Day Packaging We Saw This Year

by Casha Doemland on 04/03/2018 | 4 Minute Read

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April Fool’s Day is about as painful as your old man’s best Dad joke. In fact, if you're not one to laugh at practical jokes, it’s quite possibly the worst day of the year.  Unfortunately, April 1st isn’t going away any time soon, and as per usual, major companies jumped in on the fun and planned out elaborate pranks set to have consumers scratching their heads wondering if the products are real or not. Burger King released a chocolate whopper guaranteed to make anyone gag, while Zenni Optical teamed up with Nissin Cup of Noodles for fog resistant glasses. Sure, some of the jokes induce a hearty eye roll rather than a belly laugh, but there are a few companies that go over the top and design some fantastic faux-packaging to compliment their attempt at scheduled humorHere are some of the best packaging gags we saw this year.

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If you've ever wanted to channel your inner Monopoly man with a fried twist, WArby's newest venture is for you. Together, Warby Parker, a vintage-inspired eyewear line, and Arby's, a beloved fast food chain, have created the Monocle Onion Ring. To go along with the theme, the duo released special branding with Warby Parker's iconic blue and Arby's signature logo.

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Chuao's 101% Dark Chocolate

You know what's better than 100%? 101%, that's what. Venezuelan, Southern California based Chocolatier, Chuao pays homage to one of L.A.'s bustling highways, the 101 with the new 101% dark chocolate bar. The packaging features the classic Chuao stamp on the top left corner with a faded palm tree behind the script and ooey-gooey, dark chocolate embellishing the bulk of the wrapper. 

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popchips Unicorn Balls

Popchips has released the first ever, 100% organic unicorn snack that is “a mouthful of magic.” Every 5-ounce bag features tiny puff balls filled with a creamy rainbow center made from the best parts of unicorns. As for packaging, the unicorn tail with a box on the bag is a surefire way to separate you from your competitors. Best of all, they’re nut-free! 

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Auntie Anne’s Essential Pretzel Oils

The nostalgic pretzel company you know and love from your mall rat days is taking a step outside of the food world and into the apothecary. Now, Auntie Anne's is serving up oils in three delicious scents: The classic Freshly Baked, Salty and Cinnamon Twist. Oils are said to boost skin and hair health, promote youthfulness and increase saltiness among other things

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Blasé Rosé

Brought to you by L.A. Wine Project, Blase Rose is infused with activated charcoal to make every millennial Instagram dreams come true. According to the founder Jason Martin, "Trying to 'live your best life' is exhausting and anxiety-inducing.  So, he crafted a wine made of grapes that give just as many f**ks as you do after a long day of sitting in LA traffic. The design is simple, with a black circular sticker featuring L.A. Wine Project's logo because let's be real, the focus is on the imaginary drink.