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This Deck of Cards Was Inspired By Porcelain

by Natalie Mouradian on 07/27/2017 | 2 Minute Read

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Game of cards anyone? Check out this beautifully illustrated deck of cards from Shann Larsson.

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“This Blue & White Porcelain deck was designed and illustrated by Shann Larsson as part of a project between the SCAD Collaborative Learning Center and the Legends Playing Card Company. 

The ‘Blue & White Porcelain’ deck features hand painted and digitally refined illustrations that are inspired by traditional Chinese blue and white ceramics. To mimic this as closely as possible, the deck has been printed with Spot UV varnish over certain parts of each card back as well as the tuck box, giving the artwork a highlight and shine that enhances the colour and gives the cards that extra special, yet subtle, elegant touch.” 

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“Thematically, the design references the twelve animals of Chinese astrology. The zodiac animals of each face-card were individually hand painted in watercolour, with their edges digitally refined to create a clean, modern, yet subtly traditional work of art. Pattern like abstractions both construct the face-cards and serve as decorative embellishments to the tuck. The deck's geometric and organic forms also draw inspiration from modern Scandinavian porcelain. 

The deck is a fusion of east and west, much like the city from which the deck was born – Hong Kong.” 

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Designed & Illustrated By: Shann Larsson Project collaboration: SCAD Collaborative Learning Center, Legends Playing Card Company Location: Hong Kong