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Go Places Near and Far with Far Reaches Gin

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 10/30/2017 | 3 Minute Read

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It’s all in the details for Far Reaches Gin. Designed by Chris Moore, the bottle tells a story of the ingredients used—specifically, where they are sourced. Inspired by the journeys taken to get the fragrant botanicals, Moore developed a design that evokes a sense of adventure.


“In August 2016, owner Andrew Whiting and I started our journey together to create an identity for Far Reaches Gin, the packaging being our final destination. The inspiration behind the gin was based on the exotic and wonderful lands the botanicals used to create the gin are found, and the journeys made to discover them. Far Reaches' unique recipe incorporates thirteen botanicals sourced from across the world. The hand-drawn botanical map on our bottles details the five key botanicals in the gin - each from the far reaches of a different continent."

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“To tell this story I illustrated a complex map of the world created out of each botanical shape, and placed them in their respective continent.Together, Andrew and myself really wanted to silkscreen directly onto the bottle and make the map visible from both sides (surface of the bottle and through the bottle). In order to achieve this we used a quadruple printing process, as we needed to print the detailed map twice. By printing onto the bottle it created the effect of the map looking like moving water. The pack could also be explored from any angle, just like explorers traveling the globe in search for new lands and discoveries."

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“Far reaches is a fresh, zesty, citrus expression of the classic London dry gin. Distilled in London in small batches using the finest exotic botanicals from remote corners of the world, far reaches is a distinctive and well-balanced dry gin that is perfect for a G&T, a cocktail or for sipping on its own."

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Studio: Chris Moore DesignClient: Crafted Beverages LimitedDescription: Alcohol/Beverage PackagingCreative Director: Chris MooreIllustration: Chris MooreLocation: Cape Town, South Africa