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13 Emerging Package Design + Consumer Shopping Trends of 2017

by Andrew Gibbs on 01/31/2017 | 3 Minute Read

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Each year, we round up the best consumer package designs from The Dieline, and The Dieline Awards, examine the state of the industry, the state of the times, and forecast emerging trends for the upcoming year. For 2017, we are expanding the report to include an analysis of the shopping trends that will define commerce online and offline in the years to come.

Shopping trends and the dominant visual design elements develop hand in hand. They are the method and the message. The way we shop determines the requirements for the structural elements of a package, setting limitations and creating opportunities. Visual design elements then play a role in accentuating the highlights of the experience and articulating the emotion we feel at first glance and touch.

In this special report, we analyze 5 visual design trends through specific case studies that lay the groundwork for what will continue to define design in 2017. From there we extrapolate these learnings to explore 8 emerging consumer shopping trends. These trends affect the way consumers experience and interact with a product which, in turn, shapes how packaging is conceived and designed. 


Visual Design Trends: Idealism Inverted

When analyzing the trends present across the increasingly dynamic design landscape, there was one unifying idea. Despite the diversity of styles exhibited, the different messages and slogans, and the variety of products, they were all connected by a similar philosophy. As each movement rebels against the one that came before it, we gain an understanding of what fuels these trends. We also learn more about our culture and the spirit of the time as it is expressed by some of our most important visual communicators—packaging designers. 

1. Nature: Idealized

2. The Past: Idealized

3. Less: Idealized

4. Innocence: Idealized

5. Identity: Idealized


Shopping Trends: Shopping for Answers

Driving many of the visual trends is a series of shifts in consumer taste, how consumers shop, and what they are truly shopping for. The visual trends seek to meet consumers where they are, to speak their language, to understand their desires, and position their product as the solution to these as yet unmet needs. As brands continue to play larger, more intimate roles in our lives, the way we think about shopping changes. 

1. Purpose

2. Peace

3. Consumer-Centric

4. Experience

5. Uniqueness

6. Personalization

7. Brand-Centric Extensions

8. Social Connection

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