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Vault Artist Series

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 02/04/2016 | 2 Minute Read

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Beer bottles as unique as the way they were aged. Vault Brewing recently released their latest series of brews, the second installment in what is called their Artist Series of a Belgian Golden Ale. Michael E. Smith designed the labels for the three variants: Chardonnay Barrel Aged, Tequila Barrel Aged, and Apple Brandy Barrel Aged.

“The labels focus on classic letterforms and patterns. Each aspect of the design has a meaning and the colors relate to the both beer and the original liquor in the aging barrel. The patterns all tie back in some way to the barrels, Belgium and beer in general. The resulting series allows each bottle to stand alone but together they create a uniquely aesthetic collection.”

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

Part beer, part modern art piece, the Vault Artist Series is for the discerning beer drinker who wants a full experience with what they drink. Large letters appear on the label, made up of a collage patterns and colors. The mish mash helps the letter, which identifies each variety, blend in subtly, and the different graphics almost give the label a sense of texture. Each one has a color associated with it, and bronzed accents tie the line of beers together.

Editorial photograph

Designed by Michael E. Smith

Country: United States

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