The Dieline Awards 2015: 3rd Place Beer, Malt Beverages, Tobacco- Heineken Amsterdam Originals, The Rijksmuseum Bottles

by Elizabeth Freeman on 05/04/2015 | 1 Minute Read

Editorial photograph

Heineken is a proud partner of the Rijksmuseum. The two have a shared history that goes back to the 19th century. In fact, Gerard Adriaan Heineken was directly involved in the construction of the Rijksmuseum. To celebrate this partnership, Heineken asked dBOD to design the so-called ‘Amsterdam Originals series’. Seven Heineken bottles have been transformed with unique classical art design. Surprisingly showing images of world famous Rijksmuseum art pieces. If you put them together and turn them around they beautifully show that iconic classics can still inspire new generations. It’s a matter of daring to give it a fresh twist.

Editorial photograph

Designed by dBod

Country: Netherlands

City: Amsterdam

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