Café Royal Eiskaffee

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 10/20/2015 | 2 Minute Read

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With cold brew’s increasing popularity, this new line of iced coffees certainly makes an impression. Sold as pre-made beverages, Café Royal uses Swiss roasted coffee for their brews. Studio Schoch designed the branding and packaging with an idea that comes off as equally striking and playful.

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“Delica AG launches new the ready-to-drink cups and rises as one in the iced coffees segment. For this, the brand design is to be made. The Lion, the hallmark, exudes the bold and stylish attributes of the brand Café Royal and is used here playfully. The illustrations show at first glance the character of the type of coffee — for the Extra Strong with guarana and caffeine, Extra advertises a crisp lion man, and on the Caramel smiles a pretty girl lion.”

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Using animal/lion hybrids gives the consumers something recognizable and relatable while also offering a fantastical and fun element to the product. Café Royal Eiskaffee’s packaging is mostly black and white with a coordinating color for each cold brew flavor. The black and white images feels classy and situates the product as a premium choice against its competitors. Rich, luxurious colors come into play, like a royal purple or blood red, feel mysterious and pique the interest of those looking for a new kind of coffee beverage.

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Designed by Studio Schoch

Country: Switzerland

City: Zurich

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