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by Ivan Navarro on 08/06/2014 | 2 Minute Read

When asked to create packaging for live Cretan snails, aeraki designed Onefoot to include a natural color palette that referenced soil, and sustainable materials.  The final pack includes essential information on the product, two cooking recipes, as well as tags that include snail trivia like: Did you know a snail can slide over a razor blade without being hurt? 

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

On the project 

We designed a case that actually consisted of a 50cm-width paper webbing/stripe, which covered most of the top of the see-through box. For this packaging, recycled paper was used, the same that was also used on other applications of onefoot, e.g. on the leaflets. Because of its coloring, this paper was a direct reference to the sense of the soil, and well as to the natural element that its closely connected to onefoot products. Moreover, due to its low cost, it decreased the general cost significantly. 
Editorial photograph

Designed by aerakiCountry: Greece Creative Direction: Despina Aeraki Project Photography: Angeliki Anagnostopoulou, Georgios MakkasLeaflet Photography: Christos Christopoulos, Georgios Makkas