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Take Away Coffee Cup

by Dieline Author on 07/30/2014 | 2 Minute Read

How do you feel today? Sad or Happy? Tired or Flirty? Take Away cup lets you customize your face and mood on your cup by moving the cup sleeve. A fun way to express your emotions, while taking in your favorite beverage from Gawatt Coffee Shop. Designed by Backbone Branding, the cleaver use of printing, makes the consumer interact with their cup and is a perfect re-useable cup that you can use over and over.   

"Ladies and Gentlemen here is the main identity of the Gawatt take-away coffee-shop, we had a task of creating a limited series of souvenir cups. "Customize the faces by your mood or let them lead your emotions!"  We came up with an idea of cups with altering emotions. Customers can change the face expression of their cup personage by turning the exterior sleeve.
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Design and BrandingBackbone Branding Country: Armenia