Knock Knock's Jen Bilik Joins The Dieline Package Design Conference

by First name Last name on 06/21/2013 | 2 Minute Read

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Knock Knock's Jen Bilik to speak at The Dieline Package Design Conference on Tuesday at 9:00 am!

The owner and founder of Knock Knock, Jen Bilik has a background in book editing, writing, design, and arts and crafts. Knock Knock’s witty, design-driven books, gifts, and stationery products are sold in 6,000 stores across the United States and also have extensive international distribution. Since launching Knock Knock in 2002, Jen has performed every role and made every mistake. Now she’s lucky enough to write about it.

The Session - Get Them to Read (From Afar): Design-Driven Copywriting to Draw Customers In

No matter how beautifully you've designed a product, if customers aren't intrigued enough to walk over, pick up your goods, and read the copywriting, they won't fully understand the product's value. Packaging copywriting has to strike the right balance between intrigue and information, to be absorbed at different distances and experiences, whether online or in-store. Jen Bilik, founder of the award-winning and bestselling product company Knock Knock, is both a designer and writer, and Knock Knock's success is in large part based on the marriage of the two. Jen will share some of the secrets of the trade, including Knock Knock's proprietary approaches to writing for design-driven packaging that sells. Plus, she'll make you laugh.

See Jen's session and more at The Dieline Package Design Conference from Sunday to Wednesday in San Francisco. 

Check out some of Knock Knock's clever products and creative copywriting below! 


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