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Rest in Pets

by Tiffanie Pfrang on 05/15/2013 | 3 Minute Read

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Rest in Pets sparked an interesting conversation between The Dieline team this morning. I had mixed feeling on this concept, the morbidity surrounding the idea of a "packaging" for our beloved pet. Once I read Mat Bogust (THINK Packaging)'s statement behind the concept, I understand the need for the product. 

"The death of a beloved pet can be hugely painful, and it’s difficult to plan for such a sad event. But think back to your early childhood memories of pets passing away. Goldfish flushed unceremoniously down the toilet. Guinea pigs and bunnies wrapped in old tea towels, and cats squashed into shoeboxes. Surely our furry family members are worth a bit of forethought?Give your furry friend a dignified farewell with a personalized, biodegradable casket."

"Day in, day out Mat Bogust lives and breaths packaging. From a cheeky little scamp of 17 to a now, rather respectful 32 year old he's been a structural packaging designer. Starting THINK Packaging 3 years ago, Mat's been available to agencies and new businesses around the globe as their very own packaging ninja and got him thinking…"I wonder if I could produce awesome, game changing work for myself this time?"

An idea rattled around his head for a little while and eventually made its way into the ideas book, then onto CAD. Hand cutting the first prototype, all who saw it instantly knew that this wasn’t just an idea now, this had to happen. Rest In Pets was created…"



Rest In Pets - A final farewell from Rest In Pets on Vimeo.

"So Rest In Pets has designed and tested a set of products that finally gives pet lovers an option. Our smaller designs use a classic coffin shape, a well known visual metaphor that everyone can relate to. It adds a sense of solemn dignity.For the large casket, we designed a new hexagonal shape. At the end of their lives, Cats are best farewelled curled up... maybe remembering one of their many afternoon naps. The hexagonal shape suits this best.If you wish to have your pet cremated the urn is an ideal way to hold the ashes. If you wish to scatter these at some stage there is an easy pull tab to do this. Alternatively, if you seek bury your pet after cremation you could lay them to rest in one of our caskets.Our great friends at Curious design  help nurture & sculpt the look, feel & branding and along with Beck wheeler who created the amazing illustrations, Rest In Pets is now a simple answer to a difficult question… 'what do I do when my pet dies'"


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Designd by Mat Bogust, THINK Packaging in collaboration with Curious Design Illustration by Beck Wheeler


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