Drop In

by Gina Angie on 06/14/2012 | 2 Minute Read

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"The ”Drop In” brand is a wine concept created by Altia Sweden AB. Drop In is positioned as a mainstream, high volume value brand, focused on occasion/hospitality.

The aim is to make consumers perceive the Drop In brand as a perfect choice for the social occasions that you share with friends and family. The design should be appealing to the main target groups (Casual Socializers & Everyday Loyalists, with a majority of women).

It’s important that the design communicates the brand values/personality of Drop In (Hospitality and a welcoming atmosphere, simplicity with a stylish appearance, social, inviting, modern, and convenience oriented) and that Drop In is an origin neutral brand/concept.

The target group doesn’t know a lot about wine, and is attracted to other attributes than the traditional ones within wine. This target group is very likely to choose a wine just because it looks nice or funny. In this price range, generally, it’s not credible to build concepts on traditional wine associations like quality or heritage, even though many competitors do just that and struggle.

The result is a more conceptual design that stands out in the shelf. The ambition has been to make the wine a talk about, built on a concept that is easy to use in marketing communications. An aesthetically attractive expression that creates identification within the target group, instead of just bragging about the wine. Each product within the Drop In portfolio gets it’s own facade with a connection to the specific wine. A solution that differentiates the products from each other and at the same time creates a range-effect.

We simply call it “The Vibrant Block”."


Designed by SilverConcept Director: Jacob Bergström Art Director: Ricky TillbladIllustrations: Giorgio Cantú/Rithuset

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

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