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by Rachel Wiles on 10/14/2011 | 1 Minute Read

New work by Werner Design Werks for LabRats, a project done with Cabell Harris from Worklabs. It's an introductory/welcome kit to stimulate conversation and creative thinking for new members or to entice high level creatives to be a part of this exclusive and experimental process.

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About LabRats:

"Welcome to a breeding ground for ideas. A place where studies in collaboration between creative minds, cultural scientists and business leaders are on going in order to develop and build ideas. Here experiments in finding answers are conducted daily. For years, people have pontificated on what the new creative model will be. Now, an entire industry says what it isn’t more than what it is. It’s become complicated for the sake of being complicated. We have another idea. A simple idea. In fact, it’s all about ideas. We put the idea front and center. We strive to make something new. We strike fast. We work with expertise. The lab is an open source in which a chosen group of people from varying disciplines has the opportunity to contribute to a number of projects. It is also a forum to get assistance and help from the other Rats on their projects. We work together in the Lab. We approach each project with respect to the clients and to our talents. In the Lab, we know ideas are not a dime a dozen or infinite in number. We treat the ideas, as they deserve to be treated – to be given their right due. The Lab is not open to everyone. Those who contribute to the projects performed here are professionals who were invited because of particular know how and specific skills, interest and passion. Here, the best ideas from a wealth of cutting edge thinkers will offer clients access to the best minds to solve business challenges and identify new opportunities.?"




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