Featured image for Grove Collaborative Announces ‘Beyond Plastic’ Badges to Its Platform To Make Plastic-Free Shopping Easier

Grove Collaborative Announces ‘Beyond Plastic’ Badges to Its Platform To Make Plastic-Free Shopping Easier

by Rudy Sanchez on 01/11/2024 | 3 Minute Read

Grove Collaborative, the marketplace on a mission to transform the CPG space by eliminating and offsetting plastic waste, has announced a new badge system called “Beyond Plastic.” The intention behind the initiative is to better inform its customers about the plastic content in thousands of products from dozens of pre-vetted sustainable brands.

Consumers who visit Grove’s website will see one of three badges on product pages, “100% plastic free,” “95% plastic free,” or “No single-use plastic.” The top of the oval-shaped badge features a rising sun with a series of rays, with an up-pointing arrow as the middle ray. The middle says “Beyond Plastic,” and the bottom third describes which of the three plastic categories the product belongs to.

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“Our new digital badging system integrates Grove’s Beyond Plastic standard into the shopping experience to help customers make informed, educated purchasing decisions to reduce their consumption of single-use plastic, says Jennie Perry, CMO of Grove Collaborative. “Customers can look for three badges on our site that make it easier to help shop for products that reduce plastic waste and are refillable or reusable."

In addition to Grove-branded products, the platform sells brands that fit its environmental mission, such as Method, Mrs. Meyer’s, Bon Ami, and Le Parfait. It also helps that these aren't impossible to find products. Items that carry the new Beyond Plastic badges are workhorses in their own right and can be found across all household and personal care CPG categories and brands.

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“Every product Grove offers, from our flagship brand of sustainably powerful home care essentials, Grove Co., to our exceptional third-party brands, has been thoroughly vetted against the Grove Feel Good Standard, which guarantees strict ingredients criteria, 100% plastic neutral orders, carbon neutral shipments, and the highest quality performance in addition to being certified cruelty-free and ethically produced,” Perry explains. “We’ve published our ‘No Way Ingredients’ across all product categories—home cleaning, personal care, pets, vitamins and supplements, and more—to provide more transparency to our customers to take the guesswork out of sustainable shopping.”

Beyond Plastic badges are exclusive to Grove Collaborative’s platform, unlike other certifications or labeling. But Grove hopes to inspire the entire CPG market with its Beyond Plastic initiative.

“We encourage all retailers and manufacturers to be more transparent about the sustainability of their products and packaging and to help educate customers about the potential environmental impact of their purchases,” Jennie says. “Transparency and education are essential to transforming the consumer products industry.”

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Americans seem more bitterly divided than ever politically, but there seems to be an overwhelming desire to stop single-use plastic. According to a recent study by the advocacy organization Oceania, formed by The Pew Charitable Trusts, Oak Foundation, Marisla Foundation, Sandler Foundation, and the Rockefeller Brothers, 73% of American voters support a stop to building new plastic production facilities and policies that limit the use of single-use plastic.

Grove is recognizing and acting on Americans’ concerns about the amount of plastic in the products they buy. Grove's new Beyond Plastic badge system responds to consumers’ desire to reduce plastic consumption in recognition of the plastic pollution crisis.

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“Plastic content information is critically important to consumers, and the percentage of consumers looking for sustainable alternatives continues to grow,” Perry says. “A 2021 poll found that 84% of U.S. shoppers are concerned about plastic and packaging waste. These concerns are valid because only 5% of plastic is recycled, regardless of how much consumers put in their blue recycling bins. The more consumers know about the potential environmental impact of their purchases, the more information they have to make informed decisions.”

For now, the badging system will be purely digital, though it could move onto packaging in the near future.

Beyond Plastic badges are live now on Grove.co.