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Feather & Folly's Tattoo Inspired Label Design

by Chloe Gordon on 08/23/2023 | 2 Minute Read

CF Napa Brand Design envisioned a captivating narrative for Feather & Folly, the new-age gin birthed from Goose Ridge Estate Vineyard & Winery. Tailored to Pacific Northwest Millennials favoring a nuanced juniper taste, the packaging's black tattoo-style artwork narrates the Garden of Eden's timeless struggle between free will and human foolishness while subtly weaving in the gin's botanicals and flora. A vibrant yellow label exudes youthful optimism and a fruit-forward direction, distinguishing Feather & Folly within the competitive gin market. The brand's spirit culminates in a matching yellow top strip decorated with a free-flying bird, reflecting the balanced ecosystem flourishing within Goose Ridge's vineyards.

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Goose Ridge Estate Vineyard & Winery came to CF Napa Brand Design to develop the name, logo, and packaging for their new-age gin distilled from sustainably farmed wine grapes and handmade in Washington state. The copper pot distilled gin would initially launch in the Pacific Northwest and was targeted toward Millennials who prefer a lower juniper flavor profile. The goal of this gin was for it to be favored by the adventurous mixologist and curious cocktail lovers alike. “Our gin is rooted in reality yet reaches for the fantastical – and offers an experience that captures the playful, curious spirit within us all.” CF Napa Brand Design developed the name Feather & Folly to express a free-spirited personality and provide a wink back to Goose Ridge.

The black tattoo-style illustration makes use of the age-old symbolism of the Garden of Eden and depicts the balance of free will and the folly of human nature through the hidden symbology of the serpent in pursuit of the bird. Key botanical ingredients of the gin along with other flora are woven throughout the illustration. The bright yellow hue of the label was selected for its optimistic and youthful connotations while providing a fresh fruit-forward flavor cue and an ownable brand color within the competitive landscape of gin. The finishing touch was a matching yellow top strip label with the brand’s free-flying bird. From Feather & Folly: “Feather & Folly Gin is rooted in reality yet reaches for the fantastical. It all starts with our 100% estate grown and sustainably farmed wine grapes from our Goose Ridge Vineyards in eastern Washington, where a balanced and sustainable ecosystem relies upon the predatory birds, insects, and snakes to co-exist, ensuring a thriving, nutrient-rich environment for the vines. This unique interaction among the wildflowers and cover crops resembles a well-choregraphed dance celebrated by Feather & Folly.”

Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph


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