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9 Pretty Sweet Design Moments from Sweets & Snacks 2023

by Fred Hart on 05/30/2023 | 3 Minute Read

Like snacks? Sweet, too?

It’s the sweetest time of the year again, as the confection industry gathered last week for its annual Sweets & Snacks show, a full-flavor showcase of delectable tasty goodies.

From popcorn and nut bars to cookies and pickles—yes, even pickles—America's favorite old and new snacks were on display. We walked the endless aisle and filled our bellies with free samples galore. That's why we rounded up some of the latest and greatest packaging from some of our favorite brands from the tradeshow floor for you to feast your eyes on.



MunkPack debuted a brand new redesign from the show, and it looks like it will roll out into the market shortly. The brand has added personality and warmth with an elevated wordmark and playful chipmunk character with messaging that evolves away from their previously heavy KETO communication for a flavor-forward approach everyone can indulge in.

Magnolia Bakery

Fresh off their brand identity redesign by JKR, Magnolia has launched a shelf-stable CPG line of products, and we're talking big cookie energy with clean cream packaging anchored by their signature tile floor pattern turned colorful. 


You Need This

The name is as straightforward as the design, just like this write-up. Get it?

OK, we'll throw you a lifeline without having to Google. You Need This is a sister brand dreamed up by snack maker From the Ground Up that launched last October with tortilla chips, churro puffs, and veggie straws. 

OK, now you can Google them.


Nearly Naked

This sub-brand of Popcornopolis just received a fresh coat of paint, moving the brand from an old-timey novelty to a clean, fresh, and flavor-forward snack.


Frankie’s Organics

These are puffs personified! The brand leverages fun-filled characters interacting with photographic product images for a wonderfully joy-filled world of organic snacking that will tickle your sweet and savory Spidey sense.



In a world where our favorite snacks get reinvented and repackaged for a new generation, the clean-up has finally come for Combos. Rivalz has a crunchy outside with soft filling, and its design reflects this texture duality. A clever diagonal color breaks up the packaging, and the interplay carries over into the word mark. 



Are pickles the new chip? Suckerpunch sure thinks so, as they pushed their snacking pickles at this year's expo. Anchored by an old-timey boxer illustration, double-fisting pickles no less, the brand's gourmet pickle chips cover all the basics—Bread & Butter, Classic Dill, and Fiery Hot 3-Pepper.


TruFru Parfait Poppers

TruFru’s new Parfait Popper line takes frozen fruit and bedazzles it in granola and yogurt. Naturally, they wanted to communicate this delicious new release, so they utilized a stark white pack to push the fruit forward and get our appetites soaring.  


Reese’s Popcorn

Salty, sweet, and savory—the trifecta of flavors has finally been achieved with Reese’s PB-chocolate drizzled popcorn. The brand’s iconic orange takes center stage with a clever use of the pb-cup crinkle elements as concentric circles. MMMMMMM.