Featured image for Looshi Embraces A Bold Spirit Towards Mental Wellbeing

Looshi Embraces A Bold Spirit Towards Mental Wellbeing

by Chloe Gordon on 04/10/2023 | 2 Minute Read

Looshi is an eco-luxe company that crafts natural, ethically sourced incense inspired by lush Indian aromas. The brand worked with Laura Méndez, Alejandro Banda, and Alhelí Águila to create a packaging system that brings self-care and mindfulness to the forefront of the brand. The brand's packaging system highlights a brilliant yet delicate identity through a refined wordmark, emphasizing the importance of space.


Aromas have the power to transform our mood and help us pursue a healthier lifestyle and mental balance. Looshi is an eco- luxe company that crafts all—natural, ethically sourced incenses, inspired by Indian lush aromas. The brand's inspiration is to look for new ways to enjoy our homes to the fullest in a resignified space, inspiring self—care and mindfulness.

Handcrafted in small batches using traditional Indian methods that have been passed down through generations, each incense is responsibly and lovingly hand-rolled by women in Karnakata, India. Looshi incense is made with natural, sustainable ingredients, locally sourced from tropical forests in India.

We created a brand name that draws inspiration from the lush scents in India, communicating the brand’s ethos for a global market. The storytelling and brand personality strategy embrace a bold spirit towards mental wellbeing, beyond the product per se.

The packaging system for Looshi celebrates the basic ingredientes used in each incense: raw honey, earthy paste, fragrance oils and essential oils, used as the base shapes debossed. The three ingredients of each aroma, are featured as minimal and whimsical illustrations. A mineral color palette in sliding boxes, paired with sophisticated print embossings, is a festive prelude for the senses and the spaces we inhabit.


The identity system for Looshi features a light and airy look & feel, through a sophisticated stenciled wordmark to highlight the idea of space.

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