Featured image for Kit Cosmetics Turns To Base Design To Revamp Its Previously Dormant Brand

Kit Cosmetics Turns To Base Design To Revamp Its Previously Dormant Brand

by Chloe Gordon on 03/22/2023 | 2 Minute Read

While some skincare brands used to present themselves visually through a lens of luxury, some companies are now moving into a space where the category is both approachable and holistic. Instead of focusing on selling exclusive products that are out of reach for the typical consumer, brands understand that the world is ready for a more comprehensive take on health and wellness. 

Kit, a skincare brand that understands this concept, is focused on selling products for "all skinkind," and they recently worked with Base Design to reimagine its previously stagnant beauty biz for the modern consumer. The brand's previous visuals focused on a mid-century aesthetic, but Base reinvented the visuals to fit within a more contemporary viewpoint. 


The new packaging and branding system is more inclusive, through a kraft paper outer box with bold, red details. As a result, the packaging system magically rests in a neutral zone, neither masculine nor feminine, but ideal for either. In addition, the type-written inspired typography ties into a traditional mindset, where the bold, serif typeface adds a modern touch. Additionally, the aluminum tubes and glass tinctures pair beautifully with the kraft paper outer box's texture, elevating the packaging system. Finally, the vibrant red hue is a brand signifier, helping unify the packaging through the various touchpoints. 

While skincare might still have brands that focus on creating unattainable beauty standards through exclusive packaging tropes, Kit is taking a more inclusive and expansive approach—relatable to most and available to anyone.