Featured image for Vitamin Signaling: Wearables Preaches The Power Of The Patch

Vitamin Signaling: Wearables Preaches The Power Of The Patch

by Bill McCool on 03/13/2023 | 3 Minute Read

Supplements come in a wide variety of delivery systems for whatever ails you. There are pills, powders, beverages, gummies, tonics—you name it.

Part of the problem with many of these products comes down to taste appeal, as no one really enjoys having to guzzle down a foul-flavored beverage to keep their anxiety at bay—you’re not exactly kicking things off on a positive first note if it tastes like Robitussin or tree bark.

Now, there’s a band-aid for that.


Wearables is the first wellness patch of its kind meant for sharing—or in this case, I guess, vitamin signaling. Instead of a skin-toned, non-descript patch, Wearables’ bandages come in alluring, colorful shapes like moons, lightning bolts, blobby medical crosses, and balancing zen rocks (though turn it the other way and you’ve got yourself a mushroom buddy). With easily recognizable tattoo-like patches, they offer consumers the chance to showcase their commitment to their well-being and health. The brand’s first five offerings are Sleep, Energy, Chill, Relief, and Kids Sleep, and they dish out their nutrients over 12 hours per patch.


And based on some of the research carried out by the brand, it’s not an entirely crazy way of getting some much-needed chill or a boost of energy. In a study carried out by the brand, they found that most supplement takers wished there was a little more fun behind some of the products. What’s more, 78% said that design-forward patches would be a memorable way of acquiring those supplemental benefits.

The visual identity and packaging for the brand come courtesy of Los Angeles’s Someone & Others, and it leans heavily on the shapes of the bandages themselves. The patches feature a color palette based on the feeling folks get when using the product, like a radiating red-to-purple gradient for relief and a blissful blue for chill.


The black bags also come from Grounded Packaging, and they’re both recyclable and plant-made. While the brand eventually plans to use a plastic-free alternative, they chose the bio bag as consumers could recycle it via store drop-off. The agency also considered using a compostable option but decided against it as most consumers don’t have access to industrial composting facilities.

Currently, Wearables’ supplement patches are only available through Amazon, but they will eventually expand into the land of retail. Just remember, after purchasing, try not to apply it to a hairy part of your body.