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Ebb Helps Bridge The Gap For Period Education

by Chloe Gordon on 02/23/2023 | 4 Minute Read


The tampon industry doesn’t prepare consumers for the challenges of using tampons, nor does it educate people on the realities of menstruation.


To bridge the gap in period education.

To erase the stigma of periods through education. To lower user intimidation that comes with tampons.

Brand Values:

ebb. is for anyone who wants to try using tampons but doesn't know how to start. Tampons can be scary and tricky to use, and we understand that. We want to help you have the smoothest period possible, feel confident with your period care, and make periods more sustainable.


Tampons and periods can be scary, and that’s okay. With thorough and clear instructions, practice guides, motivational words, and a few liners thrown in just in case, ebb. can help you become a tampon pro. ebb. is your older sibling who you love to play around with, they give the best advice, and they’ll always have your back.

People of a variety of ages, sizes, and genders can have a period, and ebb. respects that. Our friendly, upfront, and gender- neutral language makes sure that anyone can learn from and feel seen by our brand.


Brand Name:

“ebb and flow” 

Inspired by euphemisms for “period” 

The period of “ebb.” adds humor and icon inspiration . The name is simple, just like the product.



Starting menstruation is already a confusing and chaotic experience

Difficult to use product adds to this stressful time

ebb. seeks to address this by providing educational material as well as a practice training kit

The consumer is the preteen, but the customer is the parent/guardian so we must appeal to both


People New to Tampons:

Some people have not tried tampons, perhaps because they find them intimidating or hard to use.

ebb. seeks to make tampons more accessible to those hesitant to make the switch

By creating custom storage and comprehensive instruction, ebb. endeavors to remove any barriers for newcomers

Product System:

You can purchase the ebb. Tampon starter kit anywhere you normally buy tampons. Contained in the kit are four compartments: one for light tampons, one for regular, one for super, and one for the tampon training kit. Once you need to restock your tampons, you can purchase the ebb. refill boxes.

The tampon starter kit box is made from durable recycled plastic and is intended to be used as your permanent period care storage/organization unit. The elegant and minimal design will complement any home’s aesthetic. This container will keep the different absorbencies of your tampons separated from each other, so you never have to dig for the right tampon again. The container will also protect your period care products from any damage, contaminants, or moisture.


The tampon training kit contains thorough and intuitive instructions with detailed illustrations, a travel pouch so you can take your tampons wherever you go, some liners to ease your transition to tampons, and our training tampon. The training tampon is for you to get comfortable with the action of inserting a tampon, and the feeling of having a tampon inside you, before you need to use a tampon for real. The training tampon is not meant to be used during menstruation. The applicator has an elongated opening so the training tampon can slide in easier, is a bit narrower than a normal tampon for a more comfortable insertion and has added affordances to create a stronger grip and show you where to place your fingers. The training tampon itself is made from body-safe silicon for increased comfort when practicing insertion, and as an additional cue that this is not a normal tampon. Once you’ve become a tampon pro, you can use the compartment containing the training kit as additional period product storage. ebb. will grow with you.


The refill boxes have one absorbency level each, so you can customize how much of each type of tampon you stock your kit with. The boxes also slide in perfectly to the storage container for a seamless restocking process.

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Graphic and Form Attributes:

Our goal for the graphics is to appeal to a wide age range

Sophisticated and graphically simple, but bold and fun Neutral base with pops of color

Encouraging, friendly, bold

Colorful & fun but not chaotic

Inspired by bento boxes

Rounded edges for friendliness and ease

Fold out compartment for easy product access and organization Recycled, eco-friendly plastic

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