Featured image for Ajax Ploosh: A Trusted Brand Accelerating Zero Waste Cleaning

Ajax Ploosh: A Trusted Brand Accelerating Zero Waste Cleaning

by Chloe Gordon on 02/01/2023 | 4 Minute Read


Ajax Ploosh - A trusted brand accelerating “waterless” cleansing

Cleansing is fundamental for hygiene and health, yet the category struggles with moving sustainability forward in an impactful way. Single Use plastic is a top concern for consumers, the products of liquid cleaners contain 10% actives and 90% water. No wonder that few small tablet lifestyle brands have started to launch to the market, yet with mixed results when it comes to their product’s efficacy. Ajax is our power brand with efficacious proven formulas that can make a true difference in sustainability through its scale. Ploosh Ajax is the story of an engagement, a story of a few people inside our company that want to innovate and offer a new way of a zero waste cleaning solution. We are all consumers, in search of meaning and transparency.


Our objective is a product 100% natural without compromise on efficacy. Today we are nearly there. This tablet still contains some salt ingredients to guarantee the efficacy with use of tap water and we are working hard to replace them. 97% natural origin is already a step forward without compromise. Ploosh is a Zero waste solution, cleaning effectively without leaving a trace: It is a durable and refillable bottle, made out of recycled plastic, to be filled again and again, and which can be recycled. It is a tablet 97% natural that comes on a recyclable paper sachet. And is delivered to you in fully recyclable packaging made of recycled paper. Our dream? Let the Ajax Ploosh gesture become a reflex for a lot of people!

We use e-commerce to kick off Ploosh, to experiment, learn and build a community. The design development therefore is a “digital first design approach”. The design is rooted in the digital world, the packaging shaped for transportation (fitting through the mailbox, minimum possible size/weight) and designed for unboxing and education. The design development went along the consumer journey, understanding where and how the consumer gains awareness, interest, wants to learn and understand and being guided through the decision making process step by step, transparently. We consciously designed where to communicate usage, benefit, sustainability facts, educating the new gesture, being informed about purchase and repurchase. QR codes on the pack lead the consumer to the website where videos explain how to use the product and another one on the bottle to make the refill gesture as easy as possible.


When designing the starter kit we understood the importance of a rewarding unboxing experience, ensuring the consumer discovers with each step more information and gets charmingly introduced to the concept. The refill kit does the same, more focussed though. Our goal is to achieve that the consumer shifts from a one-time purchase to a routined habit in gesture and shopping. Only then waterless cleansing will be successful and impactful.

Ploosh’s Design is edgy, iconic, with an unconventional attitude - just like the brave innovators in our company who initiated and incubated it. It’s playful, joyful, optimistic - just like our consumers who buy consciously to make a difference. The name says it all - Ploosh! The sound of “waterless” cleansing. We used onomatopoeia, creating our name in a way it phonetically imitates the sound of a tablet falling into water.



Bottle - is reusable, durable, refillable and made of 100% recycled plastic and recyclable. It is a lifelong packaging, with zero single use plastic.

Tablets - waterless, less waste through transporting water, no carry of heavy bottles, of 97% natural origin, in a recyclable paper packaging, dissolvable, clean without leaving a trace, zero waste.

Box - fits to mailbox, reduced in size/weight as max as possible, as minimum amount of inks as necessary, recyclable, starter kit made of recycled paper and refill pack FSC certified, both Amazon SIOC certified: designed to be compact and strong and arrive to you without the need for extra packaging.