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Coca-Cola Announces 'Spiced' Version Of Signature Flavor

by Rudy Sanchez on 10/09/2023 | 1 Minute Read

It seems that soft drink giant Coca-Cola has been going through an experimental phase lately, releasing high-concept reinterpretations of its classic and flagship beverage through its ongoing Creations releases.

While it’s fun to mess around and create sodas inspired by things like the taste of space and pixels or let artificial intelligence “help” out, the serious business of selling fizzy sugar water marches on. At this year’s National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) annual show, the Atlanta-based company announced two new variations of its stalwarts Coca-Cola and Sprite, void of artist collaborations and AI gimmicks. Sprite Chill is a cherry-lime variant that the Coca-Cola Company describes as “the coldest Sprite ever,” debuting next year.

Also launching next year is Coca-Cola Spiced. There are scant details from Coca-Cola, though we know it will come in regular, zero-sugar, and raspberry early next year.

Coca-Cola also gave the public a sneak peek of the packaging. Spiced labels follow Coca-Cola’s current visual system, using white logos and text for regular and black for zero-sugar. Both labels are predominately red, with pleasant 3D-textured waves flowing across the slim cans. The typography used for “Spiced” gives the new sub-range a sense of innovation. Finally, leaving the Coca-Cola script logo unchanged makes Spice feel more innovative and less experimental than Creations.

There is no word on what Coca-Cola Spiced tastes like, but there won’t be long of a wait to find out. Spiced launches in February 2024.