Featured image for Exponent's Necessary Innovation

Exponent's Necessary Innovation

by Chloe Gordon on 01/13/2023 | 2 Minute Read


Serial entrepreneur and beauty industry veteran, Liz Whitman, had a mirror-breaking moment when she discovered that today’s skincare loses half its active ingredient efficacy in just 60 days.

Skincare that doesn’t last? Hard pass.


Whitman founded Exponent to defy skincare convention with a necessary innovation: A self-activating system that delivers superior serums fresh and at peak potency. This first-of-its-kind precision-dosed, refillable package prevents oxidation and degradation of famously unstable actives like Vitamin C.


To bring this vision to life, Exponent partnered with Bartlett Brands, a creative innovation agency that specializes in product innovation and sustainable design, and Tomorrow Lab, a technology innovation studio specializing in product development and smart packaging solutions. Inspired by the ageless esthetician practice of mixing fresh formulations in an instant, we developed an elegant brand that blends modern-iconic cues with a dialed-in consumer experience that makes the daily routine anything-but-routine. We designed a planet-friendly reusable package that doubles as a showpiece with 100% recyclable refills made of glass and aluminum. Exponent is B-Corp Certified.

Expectations Raised.