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Here's The Tea: Butterfly Cannon Redesigns Twinings Tea Packaging

by Chloe Gordon on 07/20/2022 | 2 Minute Read

If you've ever had the chance to sip a relaxing cup of hot tea, you've most likely had Twinings Tea. In fact, the brand has been at the top of the tea industry for over 300 years. But, with all great things, change must come. 

While the brand's recipe stays the same, the packaging has received an updated design created by Butterfly Cannon. The new packaging and visual identity are more modern and help tell the brand's rich story more uniformly and consistently. 

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The updated packaging system unites Twinings' products across each range, allowing them to stand out on congested tea shelves. Moreover, the redesign brings this iconic tea brand from archiving London's historical past to a space commemorating a new, more upscale London aesthetic for the brand's key markets in China and South-East Asia.

While the packaging once featured the brand's logo in an oval shape, the new, all-gold rectangle creates a more impactful and contemporary approach. Further, each flavor is represented through a color and illustration set, found within a circular shape, creating a grounded look that invites Twinings' consumers to discover a new delicious and open-minded world. 

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"We set Butterfly Cannon a triple target of improving Twinings' recognition, shelf standout, and range navigation,” said the Twinings brand team of South East Asia, "Their exceptional packaging redesign achieved all three, whilst making our rich heritage more relevant to our evolving consumer base. It will stand Twinings in good stead for our future growth and innovations."

Redesigning a brand that's existed for 300 years is difficult, especially when you must better convey a brand's historical story. Butterfly Cannon updated the brand without losing any significance of the past, and it's a redesign that will likely help push them forward 300 more years.

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