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Rob Dyrdek and Diplo Launch 'Session' THC Seltzer Leisuretown

by Rudy Sanchez on 06/21/2022 | 2 Minute Read

Analyst firm Fortune Business Insights projects that the global cannabis beverage market will grow to $19 billion by 2028. They also have a lot going for them—infused beverages can be made with low sugar and far fewer calories than beer, while highs can be more controlled and don’t require fire or pipes. Little surprise that beer companies like Molson Coors, Pabst, and Lagunitas are already testing the weed-infused waters. 

MTV mainstay Rob Dyrdek and DJ Diplo are now joining these beer behemoths with Leisuretown.

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Through his venture firm Dyrdek Machine, the Ridiculousness host has partnered with Leisuretown to bring a THC-infused version of the brand’s CBD sparkling seltzers. Leisuretown is also positioned as a low-dose “session” drink with 2.5mg of THC in addition to 5mg of CBD and only 4g of sugar and 25 calories per can. 

The new psychoactive seltzers come in three flavors—Cherry Vanilla, Ginger Berry, and Yuzu Lime. To capture the chill aesthetic, the packaging features labels depicting gentle hills, a suspension bridge, row homes, a Ferris wheel, a hot air balloon, a sailboat, and a “Leisuretown” set like the Hollywood sign. The illustration is a friendly, fun, and compressed version of California. Each flavor’s label also uses the same illustration in different color palettes.

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"The label is pretty much how we view our home state of California, but more specifically, Northern California," says Doug Walker, Leisuretown founder. He developed the packaging with partner and designer Jon Feld, in addition to Brian Jones and Jamie Feaster. "We've got Lake Tahoe and the snow-capped mountains, we've got a little lake that we all grew up on, Lake Berryessa, Hot Air Balloons all over, which you'll find along the 505 between Vacaville and Winters where we're from. We've got a golf course hidden because we're all addicted even though we suck. We've got little shoutouts to the rest of the state with the desert and the Leisuretown-ified Hollywood sign, but it's mainly our backyard. 

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"Leisuretown is a retirement community in the city we're all from, Vacaville, and they chill the hardest," Doug adds. "I think the packaging says we don't take ourselves too seriously. We want to be outside and have fun."

CBD-only Leisuretown seltzers are available online and in select stores, and you can find the new THC/CBD seltzers stocked in select California dispensaries.

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Images courtesy of Leisuretown.

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