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Fluidmaster's New Product Addresses Future Toilet Paper Shortages

by Rudy Sanchez on 04/01/2021 | 2 Minute Read

Sometimes consumers will rush out and buy out stores of a particular item. Previous generations of the iPhone, new video game consoles, and the hot Christmas toy of the year have historically agitated consumers into buying frenzies, with hordes of shoppers swarming stores like locusts with credit cards. 

Last year, in the opening weeks of work-from-home and remote learning, people rushed to buy massive amounts of toilet paper. Images of empty shelves flooded the interwebs and airwaves, and reports of other related items like cleansing wipes, disinfectant cleaners, and hand sanitizer fueled more panic buying. The uncertainty surrounding the duration of stay-at-home orders led to FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) store rushes.

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Though we’re past the toilet paper shortages of 2020, the apprehension over a lack of paper is still fresh in our minds, and alternatives like bidets boosted a lift in interest and adoption. The toilet experts at Fluidmaster have been there when it’s time to go since 1957 and is the leader in toilet repair brands. Seeing the world fret over dirty buns, Fluidmaster looked to the wisdom of prehistoric folks for inspiration. 

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Fluidmaster’s backup solution should the world be faced once again with a toilet paper shortage in already dark times is called Emergency Wiping Rock. It's so simple in design and function and will work reliably in nearly every conceivable global crisis.

Unlike the three shells, the Wiping Rock is intuitive to use, with the instructions in the name. The rocks come in two finishes-smooth for light work and coarse for those tougher jobs. Additionally, they come in two sizes, petite and grande. What's more, the rocks come in retro-fantastic packaging sporting the colors red and green and looks like some ancient tool of yesteryear that you'd find in your Grandpappy's garage.

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The Emergency Wiping Rock is available at hardware stores and retailers nationwide. Also, unlike conventional TP, the wiping rock is not flushable, so be careful out there, folks.