Outpost Cannabis Co. Gets A Slick And Crunchy Granola Design

by Shawn Binder on 02/01/2021 | 2 Minute Read

Have you ever wanted to get high but also feel super granola? If so, Outpost cannabis has got you. Looking like a line of sophisticated hiking snacks, this brand smokes out the rest of the competition with a slick logomark. Plus, the parchment look and feel of the packaging gives Outpost a refined, vintage mail look.

Editorial photograph

Where Outpost Cannabis Co. gets is appeal is simple. Think an ice-cold Coors on the back of a dinged-up pickup truck. This is the energy Outpost aims to achieve. After extensive market research, they successfully found a niche in the crowded California cannabis industry. Unlike their counterparts, Outpost brings us affordable, no-nonsense cannabis. By pairing a casual, straightforward ethos with a sophisticated and iconic package style, it stands out (in a good way). 

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Maintaining their brand personality, the design team at Makers and Allies hid a few on-brand easter eggs within their label’s design. For example a toking mountain lion is pictured on the gusset, alluding to where the flower is grown.

Editorial photograph

On the back of the package, a pair of eagles share a friendly joint. This playful and odd character choice provides entertainment for the consumer as they roll a j and enjoy some of Outpost’s renowned jazz cabbage. Each little detail speaks to the brand identity with intention. Simplicity is always key for Outpost Cannabis Co.


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