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Who Asked For This Terry's Orange Chocolate X Heinz Mayo Collab?

by Rudy Sanchez on 12/07/2021 | 1 Minute Read

Terry’s chocolate oranges have been a Christmas favorite for decades. The round mound of citrus-infused chocolate isn’t just tasty; upon unpeeling the foil wrap, consumers are delighted with slices molded to look as if they come from an orange. According to their parent company, Carambarco, 44 million chocolate oranges are sold every year across seven countries.

Heinz, of course, is found inside millions of pantries, making favorites such as baked beans, ketchup, and mayonnaise. The firm is no stranger to collaborations with other food brands, but its newest mayo mashup includes Terry’s chocolate oranges. Unsurprisingly, some people are confused, disturbed, or disgusted at the notion.

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Heinz [Seriously] Good Terry’s Orange Orange Chocolate Mayo comes in a festive orange-peel-and-chocolate-striped jar. The Heinz keystone features Terry’s co-branding, including a couple of slices of the signature treat at the bottom.

Mayonnaise is often considered a savory ingredient, but the condiment is no stranger to the sweet side and is often used to make fluffy, moist cake. Perhaps this limited-release orange chocolate mayo could work in a festive cake, on top of brioches, or a crispy cracker or cookie.

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The Terry’s x Heinz mayo will not be available in stores, and only 200 will be available via sweepstake running until December 13th, 2021.