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Velveeta Touts Its Cheesy Opulence In Brand Refresh From JKR

by Rudy Sanchez on 11/04/2021 | 2 Minute Read

Velveeta is that cheesy, gooey saucy goodness that makes just about anything it tops even better, a savory indulgence that seems out of time when so many packaged foods strive to be healthier options. The Kraft-Heinz brand is undertaking a repositioning; instead of touting its convenience as a processed and packaged meal or cheese, Velveeta wants to own its decadence with a brand refresh that highlights its ability to be a comforting and pleasurable food.

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Enlisting the talented folks at JKR, Velveeta’s refresh is the first major update to the brand in two decades. The core elements of the brand remain, especially the signature yellow, and the wordmark remains red. But the logo is now stripped of the superfluous, removing the “liquid gold” tagline, the broken circular frame, and the underline along the bottom of the brand name. Void of the oh-so-aughts gradients and shadows, the logo is a flatter, more minimal affair that retains panache and flair through updated typography that is more fluid. The Velveeta wordmark flows like liquid cheese with its round shapes and speaks to the indulgent pleasure of pouring cheese sauce all over your food.

On packaging such as the cheese-and-shells box, the food is the star of the show. Instead of showing the viewer a spoonful, a pile of gooey pasta dominates the front, dripping down the box onto a bright blue lower quarter of the carton. The new logo is splashed along the top, and the flat redesign creates a bold look that’s unapologetically cheesy (but in a literal sense).

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To promote the redesign, Velveeta turned to agency Johannes Leonardo, who recently worked on the rebranding for portfolio cousin Oscar Meyer, to create “La Dolce Velveeta,” a playful take on luxury, redefining it as being able to Velveeta whenever one pleases, like when riding a lawnmower, out of a martini glass, of course (and it's directed by none other than Harmony Korine of Spring Breakers fame).

According to AdAge, Velveeta’s new look will hit shelves in 2022, along with an ironic lifestyle series of ads in Vogue's February issue.