Featured image for Featured Community: Wonderstuff Revitalizes Healthcare Brand Troo

Featured Community: Wonderstuff Revitalizes Healthcare Brand Troo

by Andrew Gibbs on 10/16/2020 | 1 Minute Read

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Revitalising an Established Brand – Troo Healthcare by Wonderstuff

"Troo Healthcare, an established supplement brand, began working with us in July 2019 to revitalize their brand identity, packaging, and website.

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Since their launch over ten years ago, the supplement market had become increasingly competitive. John North, director of Troo Healthcare commented, “We needed to increase standout for the products online and in health shops, giving a positive message to our existing customers and attracting new interest in the brand. Ideally, people using supplements should do so consistently to acquire the nutritional benefit they are searching for. Attractive packaging that helps people to remember to do this is also an important part of the product.”

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We streamlined the logo and designed an adaptable identity system using bright, abstract patterns to be used across all materials. This included the packaging, replacing the original photographic treatment on the labels. The logo icon adapts subtly to match the changing color palette for the different products.

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