Geek Out With Folkbier's Science Fiction Inspired Can 

by Shawn Binder on 09/11/2019 | 2 Minute Read

Sometimes you just need to geek out about a beer design, and that is exactly what we’re doing with Folkbier’s latest science fiction inspired can. The stunning design features a futuristic blue to pink gradient, fitting for a sunset on Mars. The label is striking enough to stand out on a shelf, and beautiful enough to keep as a momento long have you’ve sipped the last sip. We can’t help but want to crack open an Arthur C. Clarke novel while we sip. 

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Recurring Dreams #32 combines Folksbier’s founder Travis Kauffman appreciation for ‘70s and ‘80s sci-fiction and its related artwork in their ongoing IPA series Recurring Dreams.

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The artwork is a collaboration between Chris Doll, who specializes in space art, and Kauffman, who also acts as Folksbier’s creative director. The design was inspired by iconic sci-fi artist Paul Lehr and authors Dan Simmons (specifically, the “Hyperion Cantos”), Ray Bradbury’s The Martian Chronicles. and Isaac Asimov. Chris created a time-lapse video while painting the stunning Recurring Dreams #32 which you can check out here. You can view labels of previous Recurring Dreams artwork here, if that tickles your fancy. 

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Recurring Dreams #32 is part of the explorative and rotating IPA series (started back in 2017) in which Folksbier experiments with different water profiles, grain bills (the grain malts and adjuncts used in a beer prior to adding the hops), hopping rates, and techniques. At an ABV of 6.67%, Recurring Dreams has one of highest dry hop rates ever used at the brewery. It is now on tap in the Folkbier tasting room in Carroll Gardens and available for purchase in cans for $16 per 4-pack (ships throughout the five boroughs). 

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If Folkbier’s latest tastes nearly as good as it looks, beam us up!


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