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Sanzo Brings Asian Fruit Flavors To Sparkling Water Market

by Rudy Sanchez on 09/27/2019 | 2 Minute Read

It’s safe to say that consumers of sparkling water have no shortage of options, or so one would think.

But on a trip to H-Mart, a Korean chain of supermarkets with locations in the US, Filipino-American Sandro Roco saw a gap in the seemingly crowded sparkling water market; no one was making fizzy water flavored naturally with the fruits Sandro grew up loving. Asian beverages with similar flavors existed, but he found that they were full of artificial flavorings and sweeteners, and while some Western brands didn’t use the chemical stuff, they lacked the flavors he sought. 

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The chemical engineer decided he’d quench his own thirst and he developed Sanzo, a line of sparkling waters flavored with all-natural, Asian fruits.

The drinks come in three flavors: Mango (Alphonso), Lychee (berry), and Calamansi (lime). While mango is not uncommon in the US, the Alphonso variety, sometimes called the “king of mangoes,” is not generally found in the US, and calamansi is a small citrus fruit that can be described as a sweet lime or sour orange and is used extensively as an ingredient in the Philippines. Meanwhile, lychee, a berry originating in China, is widespread all over Asia but has only recently gained some traction in the US flavor-scape.

Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph

The branding and photography for Sanzo were developed by NYC-based Mark Chan, in collaboration with The Working Assembly’s Christine Brown. 

The fun and minimal labels, featuring color palettes based on the flavor, is inspired by Filipino Jeepneys, a form of cheap public transportation in the Philippines, known for the bright and uniquely decorated, often hand-painted, coaches, which are considered a national symbol. Overall the design is both familiar and exotic, simultaneously fitting in with the myriad of other seltzers but also standing out, embodying the inspiration for the product and the visual identity of the brand.

Sanzo is available now on their website, and in stores in the New York City area.

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