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Clean Up Your Act With Method Men

by Shawn Binder on 08/05/2019 | 2 Minute Read

Method, the company that turned men’s grooming products on its head through thoughtful design and carefully chosen ingredients, is at it again.

Last week, the company launched the expansion of their successful grooming product line with Method Men, which will now include body soaps and deodorants in addition to their award-winning body washes.

For this particular launch, Method partnered with Albéa, a renowned beauty and cosmetics packaging company. “We typically develop custom packaging, but as we entered into this new space we decided to leverage existing packaging and transform it to be in line with the method brand,” said Rudi Becker, Method’s senior director of packaging.

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The expansion will see the roll-out of products such as exfoliant body bars and deodorants. These aluminum, paraben-free grooming tools will be available in the scents Sea & Surf, Cedar & Cypress, Juniper & Sage and Bergamont & Lime.

To coincide with the existing packaging design, Method approached their new line of products with the intent to emphasize the distinct fragrances. They realized that the older packaging had a monochromatic look, and they realized they could rethink the whole color palette for Method Men to differentiate fragrance by color.

The result? A simple, clean, modern design that's effective in its simplicity. By working with a color house to create new color standards for the men’s body washes, Method applied that look and feel for the deodorant, creating a cohesive look across the full line.

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In addition to the overall cohesiveness of Method Men’s packaging, the body wash bottles are made from 65 percent recycled plastic and bar soaps come wrapped in 50 percent recycled packaging. Becker also spoke to how the brand is looking into “optimizing the recyclability of the deodorant in the future.”

The collection evokes the feeling of reconnecting with nature, while still giving yourself the same self-care that the beauty industry has often siphoned off to only women. The packaging reflects the simplistic and extremely effective approach of previous Method Men products, and utilize the same earthy color palette.

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