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AriZona & Adidas Release 99-Cent Sneakers, Get Shut Down By Cops

by Rudy Sanchez on 07/22/2019 | 2 Minute Read

You can argue that AriZona iced teas and many of their other beverages are the soft drinks of the people as most every other ready-to-drink product in the corner store cooler has gone up in price. But dammit, those 20-oz cans of Arnold Palmers are still 99 cents.

So while a sneaker collaboration featuring the beverage maker might not seem to make sense initially, AZ Green Tea is legit enough to be turned into streetwear. Adidas has taken the iconic can designs of two of their most popular flavors—the aqua green and cherry blossoms from their green tea, and the funky neon colors found on the iced tea lemonade cans. Plus, the tongues have a replica of the “Great Buy 99c” callout adorning their cans.

That’s also because the sneakers were priced as marked.

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Continuing on the 99 cents motif, Adidas set up a pop-up shop in NYC to drop these new fresh sneaks and sold the shoes for the same price as a can of AriZona’s liquid gold. Limited-edition sneaker releases are hectic enough, with an enormous gap between supply and demand that fuels a lucrative resale market. When you’re selling exclusive kicks like these for less than a dollar, the po-po won’t have any of the ensuing madness that comes along with it, as Complex caught the shenanigans on video and posted it on Twitter. Some people standing in line reported on social media that the event got violent, with people injured, causing the NYPD to shut the pop-up shop down entirely as sneakerheads are known for being a downright surly bunch.

If you’re still thirsty for a pair, be ready to shell out a lot more than 99 cents, as some of the shoes are now going for over $1,000 on streetwear marketplace StockX