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Dunkin' Double Cupping Goes Way Of Dinosaurs, Murphs Everywhere Wicked F**kin' P*ssed, Dude

by Rudy Sanchez on 11/18/2019 | 2 Minute Read

A popular lifehack among Dunkin' Donuts customers, especially in the Northeast, is that of “double cupping,” putting an iced drink, already in a plastic cup, within a foam cup. 

That practice is about to become extinct, as Dunkin' has announced it is phasing out foam containers for a more sustainable alternative. Apparently, some Karens and Murphs aren’t too happy about it, prompting Dunkin' to start an awareness campaign letting everyone know the end of double cupping is nigh. Billboards across the kingdom of Tom Brady tout how Dunkin' is "Consciously Un-Cup-Ling," while employees wear pins stating that the double cup is breaking up."

Dunkin’ is aware that the move will upset practitioners of the wasteful practice, a self-indulgent and environmentally harmful habit that provides a minimal comfort at the expense of contributing to the billion or so foam cups they distribute annually, by Dunkin’s estimate. That said, the donut king will transition to a double-walled paper cup starting on December 1st, in New England, as well as a few other states (all stores will convert by the end of Q1 in 2020).

In an announcement, Dunkin' said, "Our new double-walled paper cup has heat retention properties that are comparable to the foam cup, meaning coffee will stay hot and hands will be cool – eliminating the need for a sleeve."

Brands like Dunkin’ are siding with the planet while balancing the ability to provide the best service possible to the most customers. In many cases, when a luxury goes beyond the point of sustainability, such as hunting animals and birds for fashionable apparel (similar to “double cupping”), in the long run, it's a wise strategy, even if it ruffles some feathers at first.

Of course, that new cup you might be holding still has a plastic lining. Here's hoping they join Starbucks and McDonald's for the NextGen Cup Challenge.

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