Casetify And DHL Team Up And For Limited-Edition Line Inspired By Shipper’s Iconic Logo and Labels

by Rudy Sanchez on 11/01/2019 | 2 Minute Read

Express courier DHL was founded 50 years ago in San Francisco. Now a division of Deutsche Post, they have become the largest logistics company in the world, serving over 220 countries. It’s little wonder then that the iconic yellow and red trade dress and logo are so recognizable.

Electronics accessory maker Casetify has released a new collection inspired by DHL that commemorates the delivery company’s milestone anniversary. This new release also follows last year’s successful, sold-out collaboration.

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The collection, which spans everything from phone cases, smartwatch bands, wireless charging pads, phone slings, and AirPod holders, draws from DHL’s packing tape, waybills, fragile stickers, and other elements associated with their shipping boxes. This limited-edition collection allows the customer to customize the waybill on their case, plus it comes with modern and vintage DHL label variants.

The DHL motif looms large on the outer packaging as well, as the entire design pays homage to a company that’s successful for its ability to enable other companies to operate; shipping might not be the most glamorous of businesses, but it’s a living, and, as it turns out, a pretty good one, with last year's revenue hitting 61.6 billion Euros.

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The shipping company, through its advertising and sponsorships, like Surf Life Saving in Australia, along with its fleet of vehicles transporting over 1.5 billion shipments a year around the world, has made its logo and trade dress a part of the urban landscape. And, oddly enough, somewhat cool? Back in 2016, French fashion label Vetements used DHL’s utilitarian visual identity to create an “anti-fashion” streetwear t-shirt sensation.

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Casetify’s 2019 DHL is unfortunately sold out online for now, but they’ll have some available for sale at ComplexCon November 2nd and 3rd, as well as at their pop-up location at Landmark Hong Kong.

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