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Wendy’s Rolls A Natural 20 With New Burger-Themed Tabletop RPG 'Feast of Legends'

by Rudy Sanchez on 10/08/2019 | 2 Minute Read

National fast-food chains have some of the most intense business rivalries around; it's a never-ending battle of high-caloric dominance and epic sandwich-making brinksmanship. 

Wendy’s has long distinguished itself from burger rivals with their never frozen, square beef patties. Their latest promotion finds them launching a paper-and-pencil role-playing game around Wendy’s use of only fresh cow patties, bringing the “fight against frozen beef” to tabletop gamers with “Feast of Legends.”

The game is similarly styled and designed to “Dungeons & Dragons,” with players creating characters with five stats: Arcana, Charm, Grace, Intelligence, and Strength. They must choose to belong to one of 12 Orders, all of which they based on Wendy’s menu items. Also, the game takes place in the realm of Beef’s Keep, because of course it does. 

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Combat gets determined through rolls of twenty-sided dice, and characters can gain buffs (Editor's note: buffs are temporary enhancements according to their somewhat hasty Google search) by eating Wendy’s; eating items that aren’t from the burger chain, like tacos or gas station food, causes your stats to plummet.

The game’s five-part campaign includes playful jabs at competitors like Burger King as the realm of Creepingvale is ruled by a Creepy King who wears a paper crown. An Ice Jester rules the United Clown Nations, and one of the missions involves fighting through his "playhouse," a not-so-subtle dig at McDonald’s. Of course, Queen Wendy rules and defends Freshtovia.

The rule and campaign book is available as a PDF here and will be familiar to tabletop RPG gamers everywhere. 

The overall design and artwork go beyond gimmick to be a legitimate game and almost makes you think there are some real-life, D&D loving nerds over in Wendy’s marketing department.