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S.Pellegrino Introduces New, Stylish Cans

by Rudy Sanchez on 08/15/2018 | 2 Minute Read

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Since 1899, S.Pellegrino has been bottling up spring water from a natural source in Bergamo, Italy. From the beginning, S.Pellegrino has used the same distinctive “Vichy” green glass bottle, and when it started bottling their trademark sparkling water in smaller, PET bottles, it kept that same green, shapely vessel that tapers into a slim neck.While the traditional signature bottle is a distinctive design used for over a hundred years, it’s not always the most convenient. Glass is heavy and fragile, and it's not always allowed in places like the beach or parks. While plastic is lighter and travels easier, it doesn’t stay cold for very long, and it makes them difficult to pack into a cooler or picnic basket.Now S.Pellegrino is bottling the same effervescent sparkling water in 330 mL aluminum cans. Packaged in a similarly distinctive metal can that's evocative of the classic glass bottle, the can features the color green against a shiny, silver backdrop. The red star found on all of S.Pellegrino bottles, meant to signify quality, is also featured on the front of the blue and white Belle Epoque styled label. On the foil and on the multi-pack box, the beautiful Art Nouveau Treme building and Alpine mountains are printed, an homage to the heritage of the source of sparkling mineral water and the history of the company.

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"The iconic S.Pellegrino bottle and famed sparkling mineral water have long been a staple on dining tables worldwide," said Danit Eisdorfer, Group Manager for S.Pellegrino, in a press release. "Now with our new cans, we offer a whole new way to enjoy the signature taste of S.Pellegrino, wherever you enjoy food. With the addition of S.Pellegrino in sleek, modern cans, any meal occasion can be transformed into something special."Consumers have been turning away from sodas for years and looking for fizzy alternatives that are healthier, such as sparkling mineral and flavored no-calorie drinks. S.Pellegrino is adapting to these changes by packaging their mineral water in aluminum cans, while still speaking to their long history and tradition, making it easy for new consumers looking to avoid sodas or longtime customers that want a better way to enjoy their sparkling mineral water.

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