Sano Uses Nutritional Science To Change The Way We Eat

by Natalie Mouradian on 08/21/2017 | 4 Minute Read

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Clinic has created the branding and visual identity for Sano: a fad-free, new food brand that uses nutritional science to change the way we eat.

“Creative agency Clinic today announce details of their work creating the branding and identity for Sano: an exciting new food brand which aims to empower people to make the best nutritional and wellbeing decisions in their everyday life. The founders are passionate about evidence-based nutritional science and both Dale Pinnock and Heather Richards, being nutritional experts, ensure every aspect of the brand is based on scientific facts not transient health fads. Sano are launching their first ‘food-to-go’ shop this week (w/c 24th July) on London’s Gray’s Inn Road.”

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“Matt Gelder, Creative Director at Clinic commented, ‘We began by doing a creative audit of the ‘health and wellbeing’ space and quickly realised how bland and ‘me too’ most of the brands look like: greens, browns, pastels and hand-drawn illustration and typography. We wanted to position Sano in the complete opposite direction by using vibrant colours, bold patterns, and striking visual cues. This reflects Sano’s fresh way of thinking and their ‘facts not fads’ approach of sticking to real nutritional science and staying clear of transient health trends.’

Clinic created a logo inspired by the grid of a periodic table, referencing the precision, thought and science that has gone into considering the qualities of all Sano’s ingredients and how they work together. This grid system has in-built flexibility that accommodates Sano’s ambitions to grow and can emphasise either the 'Sano’ name or name of the sub-brand, such as ‘To-Go’ or ‘School of Culinary Medicine’. Meanwhile, typography is inspired by the founders’ mission to start a ‘nutritional revolution’ and subtly references the stenciled typography seen on revolutionary posters and artwork.”

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“Matt Gelder at Clinic continued, ‘Along with the logo we created a wider visual identity for the brand to express the meeting of two worlds: nutritional science and a real passion for great-tasting food. Across all signage and digital platforms, the logo sits on a backdrop of two distinct halves: close-ups of Sano’s delicious, mouth-watering food versus precise geometric patterns, such a hexagons and lines that reflect the scientific aspect of the brand. This combination creates a clean, contemporary and premium feeling brand that appeals to the busy city target audience.’

Clinic then rolled out the visual identity across all of Sano’s touchpoints, creating a brand architecture for Sano and its sub-brands to be communicated as clearly as possible; website guidelines, digital architecture and UX; tone of voice; photographic guidelines; ‘food-to-go’ interior in conjunction with interior design studio DesignLSM and exterior retail signage; packaging concepts; and print and digital advertising and marketing assets.”

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Designed By: Clinic

Location: London, UK

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