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Wolfworthy Dog Food

by Elizabeth Freeman on 09/07/2016 | 3 Minute Read

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Wolfworthy is a new challenger brand in the dog food category. Wolfworthy prides itself on being able to offer customers a 100% natural dog food where most competitors cannot. Frost Creative were briefed to create a premium brand with an artisan feel for a target market of adults aged 35+ with high net worth. It is aimed at people who are concerned about the effects of poor eating habits for themselves and their family, which includes their pets. They strive to buy a healthier alternative for their dog that is in line with their own healthy choices but cannot find suitable products. The product can be purchased online in the UK via leading pet food websites. Pet owners living local to Wolfworthy HQ will benefit from having the dog food hand delivered to their doorstep. 

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"Frost Creative was appointed to design the brand identity and packaging for this unique product. Our design team worked closely with Wolfworthy to create an identity and packaging design that had a premium feel, one that would appeal to people who appreciate quality and are happy to pay for it. We didn't want it to look like any other dog food brand, it needed to be truly unique like its contents. We achieved this by avoiding the cliche photographs of dog breeds on the packets, this after all is for any large adult dog. The owners who are precious about their dogs know whether this product is right for them."

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"We created a very artisan feel to the brand, keeping colours simple (black & rich red) and using pre-mac layouts and typography. The packing appears hand finished, we used black letterpress elements on Kraft paper along with a distinctive red label which is foil blocked to use as an additional seal to the packet. Less is definitely more with this design. It's confident, different and above all is one of the best dog food products there now is according to the UK's leading dog food site AllAboutDogFood."

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Creative Director: Gary Frost

Designer: Jessica Allen 

Designed by Frost Creative

Country: United Kingdom

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