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Noble Rey Brewing Company

by Elizabeth Freeman on 08/09/2016 | 2 Minute Read

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If you're looking to be the life of the party then grab a few cases of Noble Rey Beer. Designed by Magnificent Beard, beers with quirky names are packaged in aluminum cans that utilize a stacking system. Illustrated with badass fictional characters, each can takes on a persona according the brew's style. 

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"Dallas brewery Noble Rey approached us to design the initial run of their four flagship beers: Off the Leash, Baracus, Golden Rey and Steampunk."

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"Our initial vision was to craft an illustrated persona for each brew, but the real estate on cans is slim and Texas beer coolers are overcrowded. So we opted to create an ownable stacking system that creates a full body character when the cans are stacked two tall. These cans are hard to miss when you're browsing the beer cooler...or double fisting."

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Designed by Magnificent Beard

Client: Noble Rey Brewing Co

Country: United States