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Bud Light Festival Cans

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 08/13/2015 | 2 Minute Read

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Who's up for whatever? In an effort to satisfy the spontaneity and excitement for life of 20-somethings everywhere, Bud Light has released limited edition cans to celebrate the music festival culture of the summer. With Virtue Worldwide creating the partnership with Bud Light and the 2015 Mad Decent Block Party, they will offer 31 bright, psychedelic, geometric, and eye-catching designs at the music festival which takes place in 18 cities.

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“Celebrating the music, culture and artistry that surround the Mad Decent Block Parties, Bud Light developed 31 designs – 4 Mad Decent custom labels and 27 artist-designed labels – that capture the energy of the summer music scene. Bud Light produced these unique 16-oz. Festival Cans which will be available exclusively in the markets of the 2015 Mad Decent Block Party summer events.”

“In true #UpForWhatever fashion, the packaging approach used to create the Bud Light Festival Cans is so advanced, the 31 designs were transformed into more than 31 million possible graphics – so no two cans are exactly alike. Bud Light is not only the first beer, but the first brand to use this innovative packaging technology in the U.S.”

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Music festival atmospheres tend to be loud and adventurous events filled with outgoing people who have a deep love for music. Festival are are more than just a concert, though — they’re an experience, and everyone’s is slightly different. Bud Light offers multiple designs with an array of colors and hypnotizing images. Along with this, they ensure that no two cans are the same, so the Bud Light Festival Can directly reflects the individual experiences each person has at these types of events.

Bud Light Vice President Alexander Lambrecht states, “The exclusive Bud Light can designs were inspired by the spontaneous and unexpected experiences that music lovers have enjoyed at Mad Decent Block Parties for the past seven years. As a LA-based record label, Mad Decent thrives on creativity and we’re thrilled we could implement our packaging innovations to support the release of the Festival Cans this summer.”

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Designed by: Virtue Worldwide

Country: United States