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Student: Møller/Barnekow

by Jenifer Tracy on 07/03/2015 | 4 Minute Read

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We just don’t sit down and eat our meals at a table anymore. Our lives are always “on-the-go” and moving from one event to the next. This means we often end up eating our quick meals straight out of the carton while multi-tasking. The designers Rasmus Erixon & Tobias Möller decided it was time to create a packaging solution for the new lifestyle trend of eating on the run. 

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The fictional sandwich shop Møller/Barnekow was used as the prototype for this project. While sandwiches have been a main staple of lunchtime meals since the beginning of time, sandwich wraps are taking over in popularity. However, they aren’t the easiest meal to eat on the go for multiple reasons and food tends to start spilling out as you eat your way down. “Usually wraps are delivered in thin folded paper. You don’t know which end to start eat in and everything gets messy and greasy. We wanted to find a solution that gives you the feel of high quality and makes you know exactly how to eat it.” 

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Møller/Barnekow came up with a packaging concept that was both smart and stylish. A simple, brown paper box that is a triangular shaped when closed. I realize this sounds like an odd shape for a wrap to be packaged in, but the construction of the box transforms once it’s opened. And, it’s quite a reveal.Once opened, the package converts into three separate “pockets” which have mini wraps tucked inside them. It’s a bit hard to explain in writing, but don’t worry - there are visual instructions on each box which will walk you through it. 

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“Møller/Barnekows' target group (for this product) is women and men from 30-60 years of age, who have a healthy lifestyle. They have style and value things that are made at a good quality.”The art direction for the brand is straightforward with a black & white color palette and an entirely type based layout. The name of the sandwich shop is typeset largely on the front of the packaging, no bells or whistles here. The focus is on the quality of the food and the polished packaging solution for your meal on-the-go. Quite an upgrade in the wrap world. No more messy paper and no more messy hands.

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Designed by Rasmus Erixon & Tobias Möller

Country: Sweden

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