Featured image for The Dieline Awards: 3rd Place Fresh & Prepared Food- BOUTARY

The Dieline Awards: 3rd Place Fresh & Prepared Food- BOUTARY

by Elizabeth Freeman on 05/04/2015 | 2 Minute Read

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The Maison Boutary entrusted Carré Basset with the rebirth of its brand through the creation of a new French caviar, subtle balance between traditional heritage and modernity, know-how and innovation.

The agency signed the visual identity and the packaging design of Boutary Premier Cru, prestigious caviar presented in a large tin with custom-made format rewriting the caviar rulebook, while meeting all the conservation and hermeticism constraints related to this exceptional product.

Editorial photograph

The Boutary experience starts with the anticipation of the first taste of caviar, as the gold brass fastening buckle is removed from the madder-red designer tin which opens to reveal the most secret and exclusive of pleasures. Therefore, with this exclusive designer tin, the Maison Boutary modernizes the caviar service and immerses one into a revived “vie de château”.

Icon of the Maison Boutary, the madder-red colour adds a glamour and sensual dimension to the product. In addition to this signature colour, a set of other subtle details contributes to give the object an ultra-luxurious dimension (varnish, coat of arms engraved in gold foil printing on black matt paper…).

Carré Basset also signed the new brand offer: Boutary Salon Rouge, a personalised “discovery” offer based on a collection of caviars graded according to their intensity of taste. Its identity is based on a more uncluttered label in relation with the access offer of this caviars collection. 

Designed by CARRE BASSET

Country: France

City: Paris