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Student: PSSST. The Speaker Company.

by Elena Massucco on 02/13/2015 | 3 Minute Read

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The last two years will be remembered in history for the role played by activism and people’s revolutions: think Arab Spring, Hong Kong protests and Ukranian revolution - just to mention some. Activism and freedom of expression are the two key values behind this concept work from a group of students of Innovation Design Engineering at the Royal College of Art London. As part of a group project in their second and final years, they have created PSSST The Speaker Company. The PSSST speaker is a device that broadcasts a message as an audio recording, to passers-by. The speakers are embedded in rolls of tape, allowing the user to deploy it in any environment. 

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“PSSST is a platform and tool for subtle activism, designed to drive change in the context of social issues. It’s goal is to give a voice to the unheard citizen, encouraging the user to take action and involve masses to support their cause, yet relying on indirect messaging, allowing the user stay anonymous.PSSST targets peers rather than authorities, gaining awareness and support for your cause. You can see the accumulating effect of your message in both the physical and digital world, with the web platform keeping track of how many people have taken note of your broadcast.” 

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The website hosts a digital platform for the PSSST community, where users can choose or create a cause and message regarding a social issue you support. They then lease a speaker and keep track of it using the unique speaker ID.

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Designed by JKIL Grou

Country/City: United Kingdom, London

Designers: Katarzyna Zmyslona, Lotta Julkunen, Judith Berger & Iddo Wald

School: Royal College of Art