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by Diane Lindquist on 10/24/2013 | 2 Minute Read

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Energi Design helped create the packaging and visual identity for TAP KING, a company that bridges the gap between quality draught beer and your home.

"In order to enhance the various at-home occasions when beer is consumed Lion set out to develop a next generation keg system that could work with interchangeable refill bottles and deliver fresh quality draught beer at home. Energi were engaged from the very start of the project with responsibility for bringing the concept to life through the visual identity and physical packaging"



"The challenge was to develop a solution which would represent the unique character and personality of the TAP KING proposition whilst also effectively complementing the different visual identities of the existing beer brands that would ultimately be launched in this format.

Energi’s solution was to create a simple, yet sophisticated brand crest to be used across all touch points. Incorporating wheat sheafs to signify the traditional integrity of the beer making process, and a yellow key line pour with glass to symbolize the unique characteristic of the TAP KING concept… the magical moment of the draught beer pour, at home."

Designed by Energi Design, Sydney

  Editorial photograph Editorial photograph Editorial photograph

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