Steve Jobs: A Tribute by The Dieline

by First name Last name on 10/06/2011 | 1 Minute Read

Apple Logo / Steve Icon provided by Jonathan Mak.

Steve Jobs was himself a revolution. 

His vision, innovation, and leadership not only changed the world, but he changed our lives as well. His death has made that all too apparent - Steve was our leader. 

Although I never had the opportunity to meet Steve in person, I have always felt that he was a part of my life.  He has been my personal role model for as long as I can remember and I am truly crushed by his passing.  

I was in the 5th grade when I realized design was my calling.  I didn't simply decide to be a designer, I realized that I was born to do this.  I was born a designer. The catalyst to my discovery was only made clear after I used my first Mac.  

From that point on, I looked at Steve as a beacon to my destination unknown.  He followed his vision, and I knew without a doubt that I had to follow mine.  I was determined to turn my vision into reality. And I did. 

When I started The Dieline, many people told me I was crazy.  I listened to Steve, however, and made sure I continued on the path I had established for myself back in the 5th grade. Steve gave me the tools to execute my own vision, my own dreams, and my own destiny. 

There is no doubt in my mind that without Steve Jobs, many of us would have not realized our full potential.

His creations have touched humanity and inspired the world over - for that I am eternally grateful. 

Steve Jobs - A leader, an inspiration, a revolution.  May you Rest In Peace.

- Andrew Gibbs


Apple Logo / Steve Icon provided by Jonathan Mak.

Made on a Mac. 




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