Over the past 9 years, Dieline has had the pleasure of collaborating with some of the greatest minds and most talented designers and leaders in the design industry through Dieline Conference and HOW Design Live. We are always looking for packaging, branding, and design focused speakers for our events. Interested in speaking? We want to hear from you! 

Dieline Conference 2020

Theme: A New Paradigm

Now more than ever, designers have the opportunity to change the world. HOW?

A new paradigm is emerging that asks not what the future holds for design, but questions HOW we want to live as a society.

Designers have the unique ability to envision, design, and imagine a better world. Massive shifts are underway for brands in the areas of sustainability, circularity, politics, activism, cultural movements, big data, and emerging technology, but HOW do we thrive in a world disrupted by so much change?

Now, we as a community need to adapt and thrive in this new paradigm, and we’re there to provide you with the knowledge to guide you in this ever-changing and dynamic industry.


• Experienced and comfortable speaking in front of small or large groups. We are currently planning a variety events, ranging from 80 people, to 5,000.
• Is interesting in sharing their expertise, real-world strategies, and industry knowledge with other creative professionals.
• Is interested, schedule permitting, in attending the entire event and engage with attendees. 
• Is open and able to spread the word about the event.
• Has a demonstrated passion for design, branding, package design, and consumer products, and is eager to share that passion with our audience.

How to apply:

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